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The truth is, low confidence isn't just keeping you from your  DREAM job. It's likely keeping you from being your best in THIS job. And SURELY keeping you from all you deserve.

Stellar interview skills are a fast-fix for reputation, visibility and wealth.

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 Excellent. So engaging & flexible.

Vivien Bull,
General Manager, Uniting Care Queensland

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Books For Courage

Read my 4 #1 bestselling books to learn the skills & mindset shifts for unshakeable courage. Personally & professionally!

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Personal Growth

Dive deep into your development with personalised guidance, through 1:1 Coaching with People's Choice award winning coach, Cath Nolan. 

Whether your focus is an immediate need, like interview coaching, or exec coaching focus like stronger relationships, inclusive culture, personal reputation or progress.

Bringing the best of you, to where you want to be.

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Be a Stronger Leader


IMPACT combines 1:1 Coach sessions, Group Coaching + Leadership Toolkit Masterclasses. Clarify your leadership identity, raise your reputation & your personal & team performance. 

If adapting your style to meet others without losing authenticity is important to you, check out IMPACT.

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Thank you for the impact you had on me!

Kate Musonda, Asahi

 Jo Withford,
Civil Engineer & Project Manager, Roads & Maritime

 Fabulous & well worth it. Cath was fabulous!

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Perhaps you're after a team focus.

Guest Speaker

Inspire your team with immediately actionable Mindset Shifts & Micro Habit Changes for life upgrades.

Signature talks include Coaching, Courage, Gender Gap, Balance, Achieving Goals, EQ, Communication & Inclusion. Many of my clients have more bespoke requests.

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Gender Gap Gone

On gender equality in health and finances, Australian women are going backwards compared to other OECD nations. 

In this weekly bit-sized paid podcast series, I speak with experts and look at the data. Where are we at really? I also share advice, as an award winning coach and recognised expert on the advancement of women, for what YOU can do, to create a better today. 

Listen in &  be part of this movement, to see the Gender Gap Gone - one human at a time.

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The latest from my blog 

Our Book Made It To The Oscars!

Mar 20, 2022

I Thought I'd Scared Them... Then This Happened!

Sep 29, 2022

For me, your development is personal!

I used to think life was a fairly even playing field. If some could make it, why couldn't anyone?

Then I got a taste, first hand, of how unequal it can be. Fighting back from ground zero taught me my greatest lessons about what it really takes to succeed in the career / life balance- and how to even the playing field for others. 

I learned that the BIGGEST courage with the greatest life impact, is not in the huge moments of life... but in the very smallest. Leaning into your strengths, your power & advocating for yourself & for others.

Your actions in the tiny moments are everything. Don't wait. Let this be the moment you step into your power & shine.

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