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      EPISODE  4 The ConversationYou MUST Have With Your Team Right Now.

Let me introduce you to one of my favourite leaders. Greg Smith has led, built & sold wildly successful businesses and he’s an icon of heart-centred inspiration. He truly builds the bottom line through extraordinary people skills.

Right now, the research and the job search stats indicate that anywhere from 40-65% of us are looking for a new job.- AND this one is I think even worse, Seek says 75% of Australians who are currently searching for a new job, have been looking for up to 6 months.

THAT'S A LOT OF DISENGAGED TEAM MEMBERS who potentially aren’t complaining till they hand in their resignation letter! That’s a lot of blindsided bosses. But you don’t have to be shocked and you CAN do something to stem the tide.

That’s why I wanted to bring Greg in to share. I wanted to ask Greg, since he’s the maestro of engaged leadership, how do you chat with your team about THEIR CAREERS?

Honestly, it's the MOST engaging conversation you can have, but SO many leaders shy away from it. 

Greg is an expert in careers & professional development, you may have seen his book, Career Conversations in your local bookstore. It’s about the conversations you have with your team about THEIR careers, and also how to make decisions about YOUR career. Look out for THAT chat with Greg in a future podcast. He’s also been my personal mentor for the last 20 years – apparently that number makes Greg feel old, I just feel fortunate!

So, my friend, wherever you’re listening in from, settle in for a warm hug of a conversation with Greg Smith, hear a new perspective & learn about the conversation you cannot afford to skip, with your team.


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