I'm Cath,

An award-winning coach, a celebrated advocate for gender equality and inclusion, an international speaker and bestselling writer.

I'm also a nurturing, straight-talking change maker determined to help you make real the life you most want.


Born and raised in Sydney, to hard-working middle class, good-people parents with a happy marriage who encouraged my education and my dreams. I started out with the happy certainty that hard work and desire was all you needed.

It wasn't until I'd faced true and sustained life or death adversity, that I came to understand the grit required for some to actually make it - or how to build courage from scratch.

I'm proud to now be an award-winning coach with 20 year's of experience helping people like you to dream without restraint, and to follow through with action to create results- without compromising your personal life.

One of the things I'm often asked, is "How did you get started as a coach?"

Actually, I've been coaching since I was 16 teaching the Under 5's to squish that netball "like a spider". That same year I was advocating for underrepresented girls in my community, appalled that they weren't allowed to join the local boys-only youth group. I gathered the requisite adults and a few months on, while the Under 5's wore scraped knees and huge grins, the boys youth group had a sister group up and running.

In the corporate world, I found success... but again I was dumbfounded- "where are all the girls?"

Bandaids, Boys Clubs & dozens of minor Bungles...

My corporate career saw me running global executive recruitment campaigns for Johnson & Johnson, Fosters and giants of the consumer sector, financial services and government. I loved coaching businesses to attract and nurture the right talent and I adored coaching leaders into their dream roles…

But my heights of success were at complete odds with the nagging sense that it just wasn’t me.

How on earth do you find the courage to make a change, when unsure of where you'd rather be, and plagued by second guessing and a battering sense of “not-enough-ness” that made everything feel a gazillion times harder than it should?

“I turned to a Coach. Instantly, I found clarity and passion.”

It was a steep learning curve with multiple road blocks

With sink-or-swim fervour, I got incredibly busy.

Accumulating accreditations & training in leadership & coaching & assessing leadership abilities. Building my own business, helping corporates to build their talent pipelines, and at the same time I worked part time for a global talent development firm with a stellar reputation.

I quickly clocked up thousands of coaching experiences.

I got to hone my coaching craft, helping people to step into the capabilities and brand required for their dream jobs.  

Working with leaders, I found that our very personal, unique career paths are eerily replicable. The fears and the successes. The incredible delight of that, is I got to apply solutions over and over. I’d tweak with every client I worked with, to be more direct, to get it tighter, to quicken the path with stretch and accountability…

To systemise the leader’s path to their ideal.

Learning my craft was far from the only challenge

 This high volume of clients meant I learnt to coach people to their goals pretty quickly.

But there’s a question I’ve asked many thousands: “what’s the number one thing holding you back?”

Nine out ten tell me it’s courage. Some call it self- doubt, or imposter syndrome, some say “I can’t be me in the next job, so I don’t want it”.

With my white picket fence upbringing, courage was a distinct personal strength- but it hadn't been tested that much. Then when my kids arrived, things started to change. I hit a major roadblock that'll take years to fully resolve.

The accolades and numbers, even the images of people I’ve worked with… all of that’s pretty cool, but it doesn't tell you why I’m different.

The thing I think you most want to know about me, is that the skills I teach have been forged in fire.

But it’s a fire shrouded in shame- I should have been stronger, should have seen it coming! And it's not my story alone. So I tend to focus on how I can help you, not how my skills reached the level they have.

But you’ve clicked on our ‘About’ page, so I’m guessing you’re here to find out enough about me, to know if we can work together. When we do work together, I’m going to ask for vulnerability from you. So it’s only fair I do the same. Safety permitting.

They said mine was the worst case of psychological abuse they'd ever seen. I have PTSD and they say I always will. My psychologist said he sees many people who can't get out of bed dealing with a tenth of what I've experienced - even at a time when I was writing multiple best-sellers, bringing up 3 divine kids and living a pretty balanced, nurturing life.


By living what I teach.

I discovered how to systemise the courage piece too... and to overcome crippling self-doubt

Living with PTSD, you can be sure I practice what I'm preaching and keep learning, to keep evolving.

There is no one courage-building strategy that works all the time, or for everyone. But assembling a toolkit to meet any challenge is pretty straightforward. Not easy, but simple.

Please don’t get the impression I’m always exuberant. I sure aint!

Yes, I'm positive and driven. But this is a full and complex life I live, with plenty of mad delicious chaos. Just like yours.

I've created the tools and the habits to push through to what I want, with blessed balance and the space to breathe.

I absolutely cannot wait for you to see the benefit of these strategies in your life, too.


Action by action.

Over the years, I've developed a reputation for teaching things 'action by action'.

Not just ‘step by step' theory.

But getting into the nitty gritty details of what you need to do, helping you embed mindset hacks and build in strategies that hold you accountable. 

I’ve taught it on the global conference stage, alongside the likes of former Prime Minister Julia Gillard, the Honorable Julie Bishop, Leigh Sales, Anna Bligh and Grace Tame.

I’ve taught it through my #1 best-selling books.

My team and I have taught it through workshops, coaching and courses.

I’m able to do this because I teach what I know.

I teach what my clients have used and what I’ve personally relied on….

Are you ready to take the REAL, momentum-building action steps for a rewarding career that you love?

If I hear one more person quote “do something you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life” – well my Nanna would not be proud!

But most people just don’t pop out of the womb knowing intrinsically what they love to do!

Especially for those of us who were raised as ‘good girls’, people pleasers, or who just don’t fit the usual look and feel of success in our society. It’s hard to find your purpose when there’s no time to make yourself a priority.

But I know that you’re ready.

That’s why you’re here- browsing development resources, rather than bingeing Netflix.

That’s why you’ve invested so much of yourself in a career trying to be your best and create a great life for you and those you love.

By reading this, you’ve proven that you’re willing to DO the work – you just want to make absolutely sure you’re doing the RIGHT work at the RIGHT time.

 And feel confident that every bit of effort you invest will pay off.

Ready to take your big stand and get REAL traction?

You don't have to do it ALL today. You just have to make a decision, and get started.

Laser-Like Purpose


Elevated Impact

Bring Others Along


Our work.

In my own business since 2007, I've been incredibly fortunate to work with brands I've LOVED, to create more inclusive cultures and more capable, engaged, fired up, on-track individuals. The team has expanded, shrunk and expanded with the projects we've run.

In 2015 I created Gender Gap Gone- partnering with business, to see the Gender Gap Gone, one woman at time. I'm recognised as a women's leadership expert. Inclusive Leadership is my jam & the focus of our work.

Our team partners with others, passionate about seeing the Gender Gap Gone for Intersectional women. We have colleagues who work and advocate in First Nations, Disability, CALD and Domestic Violence. Together, we're ending poverty for Australian women, through financial security.

I work with all people to create more inclusive workspaces, more successful, joyous individual journeys. For you, and for the vulnerable. Is it your turn now?


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