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Create Your Best Year Yet

See How A Multi-Award Winning Life Coach Can Set You Up For Success 

Download your 48 Page Planner & Watch the Masterclass on Demand to make 2023 Your Best Year Yet.



In this 48 Page Planner &  Masterclass, you'll learn:


How to AVOID the 7 Big Mistakes of Goal Setting

Spoiler alert, these are the mistakes:

  1. Too many goals at once (not sure of the main priority)
  2. Your goals are based on someone else's priorities, values or expectations.
  3. Your GOAL is the pretty outcome at the end, not the work that will get you there.
  4. Your VISION is 2-dimensional.
  5. You're planning based on outdated expectations, but the game has changed.
  6. You haven't adequately factored in support.
  7. You've forgotten the fun, trapped in busy-ness & negativity bias.


3 Coach Tools That Will Dramatically Increase Your Chance of Success

Your 48 Page Planner is a Coaching Workbook for Goal Achievement. It's going to help you to

  • Find the Right Goal
  • Create a Vision that Inspires Action
  • Stay Consistent


Start Your Year With A Clear Path of Action Plus the Belief You Have Exactly What It Takes To Make It Happen.

You'll emerge from this Masterclass with a plan of action. Knowing exactly what your unique next step needs to be. 

More powerful than that, you're going to be on a path to BELIEVING you have what it takes, to execute your plan and deliver on your dreams.

Create Your Plan in 60 Minutes.
A plan you can stick to.  

When we look at the Big 8 on your Wheel of Life - that's Career, Finances, Health, Relationships with Loved Ones, Partner, Growth, Fun & Home Environment... how satisfied are you?

Perhaps you're SUPER PROUD of where you are!! Massive woohoo from me! So you'd like to leverage that & keep your momentum going? You're in the right place.

Or perhaps you're working REALLY hard, juggling all the balls, but not quite feeling like it's paying off the way you'd hoped. I can help make sure you're in a very different position this time next year.

Maybe your'e nailing some, but others are weighing on you. That's ok. We got this.

Create a realistic plan that honours where you are now, who you want to be, and INSPIRES YOU.

Would you like to achieve something truly great in 2023? (Health goals, financial security, world peace, peace at the dinner table...)

  • You'd love to be like the graceful swan, gliding on the water, all smooth and glam. But on your best days you're the duck. You look like you have it all together but under the surface you are PADDLING LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW! And on your worst days... you feel like a grubbied up bin chicken at Bondi, that's accidentally swallowed some booze, and now struggling to cut a straight line though the sunburned tourists.
  • Have you noticed some people seem to operate like the swan, getting ahead without breaking a sweat? That can be you. Less effort, greater results. Without dropping your other priorities!
  • I'm bringing a tool like a Mary Poppins bag. Actually, it's 3 tools but that didn't sound as fun in my sentence! This 3-step combo will help you GET BACK YOUR TIME, for what's most important to you. WITHOUT feeling guilty. Oh my word, yes. I speak the TRUTH! Truly, it's super cool. My most successful clients love it and I know you will too :)
  • Whether you want to be further ahead than you are, or you JUST WANT TO BREATHE easier, be less exhausted while holding all the pieces together... planning your 2023 from the start is the BEST way I know how, to make sure your energy is well spent this year.
  • Download your Workbook now & let's make sure your energy is well spent this year.

Hey, I'm Cath :)

I'm a Life & Leadership Coach. I help my clients build the Mindset & People Skills to create their version of success.


Actually, I'm a multi award-winning coach & the author of 4 Amazon #1 best-selling books on the stand-out skills to create unshakeable professional courage.  

Also the Founder of Gender Gap Gone & the Don't be ARSD Movement®. I've worked in leadership development for 20 years. With clients like HP, Uber, Toyota, Deakin Uni, health, Defence & all levels of Government. I've supported over 7,000 people to their next steps. So I'm familiar with what's holding you back & how to get you past it.

I know the difference between the goals you THINK you should be chasing & the goals that will actually light you up. And let's face it, if you're chasing the wrong goals or have the wrong mindset, achieving something meaningful & keeping all the balls in the air is HARD WORK!

I'm thrilled to help make 2023 your Best Year Yet.

SUUUUPER fired up, about the impact we're about to have together.

See you in class, my friend :)