Our Book Made It To The Oscars!

books courage news Mar 21, 2022
Our book, Courage & Confidence was in the Goody Bag for 2022 Oscars Nominees

I truly did not ever think that my career trajectory would include an Oscars mention - but here it is!

Our book, the #1 bestselling Courage & Confidence was picked up by the company who organises the Goody Bags for the Oscars nominees- Distinctive Assets. So Jessica Chastain, Denzel Washington, Kristen Stewart, Kirsten Dunst, Steven Spielberg, Jane Campion, Kenneth Branaugh, Benedict Cumberbatch, Javier Bardem,Penelope Cruz, OUR Nicole Kidman, and yes, Will Smith... all have a copy of this book, Courage & Confidence. 

Here's what they said about the gifts they chose for the haul:

"This year's nominee package is particularly meaningful as we pay tribute to a milestone anniversary and also celebrate the resilience of all involved after the challenges of the past two years. Despite perpetual bad news globally, it's also an important form of self-preservation and self-care to carve out a little room for the fun, festive, and fabulous."- that was Lash Fary.

Truly, PINCH ME! 

Lash is the goody bag biz Founder. "We are humbled to be commemorating two decades of curating a specialty gift bag that has become a global pop culture phenomenon. The companies we feature have amazing products and services while also embracing diversity, inclusion, health, and philanthropy" He said "We are not only celebrating these incredible nominees but also a return to normalcy in a post-pandemic world."

Courage & Confidence is not my baby alone. I had 23 Co-Authors, each successful Australian business women. Sharing our stories and our best 5 tips on how we've each managed to hold Courage & Confidence. Incredibly inspirational.

If you want to read more, InStyle Mag ran a feature... and  CBS News ran a News feature... you'll see the red spined beauty of Courage and Confidence at around 3 minutes into the clip. Between the luxe beauty and the Safari stay gifts. Whoooo!

Want a copy for yourself, before one of these icons turns a Courage & Confidence story into a blockbuster movie? LOL... Here's a link to buy Courage & Confidence.

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