I Thought I'd Scared Them... Then This Happened!

coach communication conference health Sep 30, 2022
Australian Medical Writers Association Conference, MC'd by Multi-Award Winning Coach Cath Nolan

The talk was scheduled for 45 minutes. By about 10 minutes in, I was seeing several faces that were ... not opposed to what I was saying, just confronted at the ideas I guess.

I asked the question "What percentage of your stories are data, and what percentage are stories?"

This is what stirred up the confronted faces, with objections of "But the data IS the story!"

So I walked them two examples- a story with data, a story with heart. 

The room shifted. They were hooked on the possibilities.

This was a talk on Communication. Storytelling to be more specific. Adapting your message to different audiences. Only this audience are all members of the Australian Medical Writers Association. 

Truly, I felt a big leap of faith that AMWA President Jocelyne was trusting me to speak with these Kings & Queens of communication- ON COMMUNICATION!

Just to increase the tension a little more, my Communication Talk was on Day 2. Day One I MC'd the event for them, so I'd already had the chance to meet many of these incredibly talent people. National Journalists, senior government officials, the industry's influencers were all here.

The AMWA Conference was one of my absolute favourite speaking gigs ever. Back to that talk on Adaptive Communication and Storytelling... I told you how it started... can I show you how it ended up?

At the end of the session, it was lunch time. Only nobody was leaving.

We'd closed the workshop with an activity, where they'd share in small groups, where they're going to apply this. For 10 minutes. 

The 10 minutes turned into 20 and they were still chatting, still buzzing, then THIRTY minutes! Have a listen...

Turns out, there's quite a bit they'll take on. How wonderful :)


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