A 65 Second Lesson in Branding, from Celebrity Entrepreneur Jules Robinson

advice brand coach communication Oct 04, 2022
A lesson in Branding from Celebrity Mogul, Jules Robinson

Awwww man that pic is close!!

So last year, Jules and I were Finalists in the same awards. Being lockdown the Awards Ceremony was virtual, so when it was on again in August in Sydney, we caught up. And Jules CLEANED UP!

Her business, Figur is flourishing and expanding. Much the same as her clients are shrinking- or smoothing, while they stand taller and feel great. 

But that's not the lesson. The lesson, is what happened when I suggested a selfie. 'SURE!!!" exclaims Jules!

With expert precision, Jules took my phone, shifted some settings to her liking and landed the PERFECT selfies. Honestly, I was in AWE. With everything else that was going on around us - the buzz of winning all these awards, bub at home, hubby Cam close by and chatting with dozens who wanted the back stories and the updates on MAFS, like 4 seasons ago? Add in little sleep, it was really late... and still, her brand message is clear. It's practiced. She has a system and she sticks to it.

Have to tell you, we don't focus on selfies in the Branding module in my Impact Small Group Accelerator... but we absolutely to focus on getting your message clear, repeatable and adaptable.

Thanks for the fun Jules, you're a superstar and deserve every success coming to you.



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