Valuing YOUR stories just cracked #1

Oct 08, 2021
Lost For Words now Australian #1 & UK #2 Bestseller

Good Gracious, thank you!

My new book, Lost For Words?- the book I created to help you to VALUE your stories, is now a #1 Amazon bestselling book. Thank you so much for your support, and for the feedback you've sent me. Like Mandy, "I'm sharing it with the team, this is our new bible" :)

I wrote Lost For Words? because a lot of the Coaching work I do involves Communication. I can help ANYONE to mould their stories into a high impact message, whether it's to inspire their team, nail a presentation or pitch for resources. 

But we can only do that, when you have stories to use. And more often than not, I find people just don't value their stories. Sometimes they worry the sharing is too vulnerable or leaves them exposed, to share. Often they tell me their stories are boring. 

But if I could show you how to share your stories in a way that helps other people to better understand, or better commit or take action - and that also keeps you safe... would that make it more enticing?

For my clients, I've found that it has. So I wrote the How-To, into a book. And now, Publisher Dave has just messaged me the news: Lost For Words? Has made it to #1 Best Seller in multiple categories in Australia. We're also a Hot New Release in Canada and UK- and we made it to #2 Bestseller on Amazon UK. Incredible.

So here's the irony. I created this book so that you would never again be Lost For Words, so that you'd always know the right stories to pull out at the right time, to create the impression or instigate the action you're aiming for.

But here I am, blown away again by your support and... finding myself actually Lost For Words. Sincerely, thank you for buying the book and for your gorgeous feedback. I'm so glad it's delivering on my intentions for you!

If you'd like to get your own, signed copy of Lost For Words, CLICK THIS LINK TO BUY NOW.

Absolute warmest to you,

- Cath


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