Don't be ARSD® is a catch-cry, a cheer, a call to self-appreciation. It's a reminder that honey you have runs on the board and skin in this game! You HAVE what it takes to have the impact you crave, without sacrificing the life you want.

Doubt is a normal experience - but it's an illusion. Let me show you what's real, in a way that next time doubt visits, you'll send it on it's way fast.

Don't be ARSD® is a movement and- like a snowball, it's been gathering momentum.

Don't be ARSD® has been Key Note talks and short courses for a few years now. Then in 2020 I wrote the Don't be ARSD how-to manifesto, into a book. A few months later, on December 23rd- amid pre-Christmas pandemic chaos, Don't be ARSD® became a #1 best-selling book, within 3 hours of launch.

Then, mid- 2022, we launched the Don't be ARSD Podcast® so you can listen in on my chats with my heroes... about all the ways we can build professional courage.

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