"a wonderful experience"
- Dr Katherine Astill, GP

A few hours with us and you'll find your confidence. Like Killer Heels attitude - whatever priorities or obstacles you're juggling.

You'll be more sure of where you're heading, proud of who you are, and confident you're on track. You will be taking actions that move you to your dreams. Just a couple hours in, you will be interview-ready.

AND when you let us help you, you're helping end Domestic Violence Poverty.

Does This Sound Like You?

Honey, you are NOT ALONE.

"Hey there, future self-lovin' warrior goddess!

You know you do a great job IN YOUR JOB, but taking the next step means voyaging outside the comfort zone... and that brings a whole lotta self-doubt and cringe. We all have self-doubt and most of us wish for more confidence. But when it comes to taking the next step in your career, we can be brilliant at finding aaaaaaallllll the reasons why now is not the right time. Lack of time being one of the biggest reasons.

So, ahem, right now probably IS the right time. And it doesn't have to be as hard as you think, to get there. Let me show you how fast and easy it can be, to step into the next level of your career journey."

- Cath Nolan
Award-Winning Coach & Multiple #1 Bestselling Author

No matter how brilliant you are at your job, no matter how hard you work or even the accolades you amass, an un-asked-for promotion is super rare.

Career Courage is ESSENTIAL if you want to make an impact IN WORK THAT YOU LOVE, and have long-term financial success.

Being brilliant at your job is rarely a guarantee for the next job - in fact, it can sometimes be a hindrance, if you seem irreplaceable.

Together, we'll take the brilliant work you've done, evaluate where you can best leverage that for more joy and more success, presenting it in an irresistible package.


"Fabulous and well worth it. Cath was fabulous."

- Jo Withford, Civil Engineer & Project Manager, Roads and Maritime

"Took so much away. Great presenter with a great wealth of experience and knowledge. Highly recommend."

- Chahida Bakkour, Head of Airspace Platform, Airservices Australia

"Very practical, I will be using these strategies. Great ideas, evidence based & lovely manner."

- Susan Gazis, Professional Conduct Lead, NSW Education Standards Authority

What's Inside Dream Job

The lessons in Dream Job have long-lasting impact.

This is Kate, our past client. Kate joined our program 5 years ago, at a career crossroads. Rather than leaving Nestlé, because of our program she navigated through other roles, leveraging her reputation and growing her capabilities. Here she shares how she's revisited the program over the years, recently moving on to a new role at Asahi. Congrats Kate!!

Here's Our Dream Job Agenda

Dream Job is made up of four core modules, to get you past blockers and into your career and life bliss.

You're going to come away from this week with

  • A clear direction for who you want to be and what you want to do next.
  • Your true purpose and the goals you're chasing.
  • Goal Getting - how to set the right goals for you, so they bring their own energy and achievement is a given.
  • Decide which skills you have and which you need. (Hint - you probably do NOT need to upgrade your technical skills)
  • Mapping out your very next move, and TAKING that move. No delays, this week you will TAKE that step. You'll apply for the promotion or have the conversation with the boss about your next move, or, or or...

With Direction Week, your focus shifts from where you can go, to where you WANT to go. You'll start doing the actions to get you there, however small and no matter how crowded your day. And you know what? Being so tuned in to these micro steps you're taking FOR YOU, is going to feel delicious as sin. Like that second slice of home made apple pie you really shouldn't, but ohhhhh my!!! :) Only this gets you closer to your picture of perfection.

By the end of Module Two, you will have

  • Crafted a Personal Brand that feels like you- your best version of yourself. It's how you describe yourself, to yourself and others.
  • A great Bio, to use on your LinkedIn profile or pitch documents.
  • A comfortable, on-message way to describe yourself in conversations with your network or your potential next boss.
  • A tool for deciding what 'opportunities' to say no to, and to be honest about whether you've really been saying no because of fear, or good reasoning.

Branding Week is where what you WANT to do, gets gift-wrapped. This is where the packaging starts to look really impressive. Funny thing is, the warm glow of self-appreciation you're going to feel this week, has a natural flow-on to others noticing you for all the right reasons.

In Module Three you'll start to see the evidence coming together in your ULTIMATE pitch document- your resumé.

With my turn-it-on-its-head approach for creating a resumé that wows, by the end of Module Three, you will have

  • A STELLAR resumé for your dream job, so brilliant even YOU will believe you're the perfect fit.
  • A 40-page resumé underway... nope, the 40 is not a typo, but I"ll make you wait and see for that revelation :)
  • A bag of tools to ensure creating your resumé is something that adds to your energy, rather than sucks the life from you.

Resumé Week is the true confetti-filled, day spa zen feel. You're going to feel great about yourself. Your dream job is getting closer, my friend. And more often than not, you won't need a new employer to get it.

Over the last few years, I've had the privilege of coaching thousands through the interview process - people on both sides of the table, in all industries and at all levels.

I've coached so many people one on one through the interview process, that I've learnt the short-cuts you can make in preparation, to give you a stand-out advantage. Not to mention cutting your prep time and your stress levels dramatically.

So Interview Week is your deep dive into how to showcase the absolute best of you, how to avoid mind-blanks and nerves. And how to avoid the "you're over-qualified"- or even under-qualified thank you but no thank you goodbyes.

So many times in interview, nerves rule the conversation and people get tripped up saying not enough or way too much. So worried about what to say or not say, that they miss the critical piece of making a connection. And confidence is NOT the only factor in interviews- in fact, out of control, confidence can derail you.

So I'm pulling back the curtain to reveal how the interview process works, so you can see how to deliver. Ensuring the version of you they meet in interview is PERFECT for your dream job.

So far you've decided what you want, and you've secured their interest. In Interview Week you learn to close the deal. This is where we remove the last barriers to promotion, my friend! You'll no longer hold back from applying for Dream Jobs, because you KNOW you will impress! By the end of this module, you are truly moving toward the rewards you deserve. Whatever that looks like for you.

Plus some juicy extras.

Dedicated Career Coach


We're all about empowering courage and ditching fear. In my experience, courage needs encouragement!

These Masterclasses will delight you, and give you a brilliant starting point to get on track. But when you add in a 1:1 Career Coach, you guarantee action.

This Career Coach Package is three sessions, via zoom call.
* A 15-minute Strategy Session after Module One will help you strategise, so you can ensure your branding and resume are on-message
* A 15-minute Strategy Session after Module Three will review your resumé and give you direct feedback.
* A 30-minute Interview Coach Session after Module Four will allow you to experience the benefit of all you've learned, to see your strengths in action and to get specific feedback on how to leverage what you've shared with us, for your Dream Job.



Meditation is widely accredited as improving focus and decreasing stress. Among a whole lotta other goodness!

But is it for you? These meditations are from former Buddhist Monk, Sean Far. Designed to help you to achieve greater calm and confidence around your career, and to move with decisive action.

Whether you're an experienced meditator, a mindfulness advocate, or a complete novice with major scepticism, these meditations are definitely worth incorporating.

Get started now

Choose the Dream Job Plan that's right for you... and whether to add 1:1 Career Coaching.


$49 AUD



$575 AUD


"Amazing course that provided introspection, took us out of our comfort zone to think about where we want to go. Definitely recommend & took a lot out of this."

- Sonja Shand, Senior Project Manager, Roads & Maritime

"Excellent. Very effective; and depth of info and delivery were excellent. Lots of tips and tools."

- Helen McNeil, Group Mgr People & Performance, Rous County Council

"Catherine was engaging & her tools were practical and will be useful to implement. The power of my brand and what I can do to improve this was INVALUABLE."

- Shellie Chapman, Head of E-Learning, The Scots College

Get started now

Choose your Dream Job Plan and whether to add 1:1 Career Coaching.


$49 AUD


$575 AUD


Let's park the results you'll get from Dream Job... you know, the elevated presence, stronger relationships, the pay rises and promotions and long term exponential financial abundance that start with a clear magnetic brand, stellar resumé and killer interview prowess...

Let's just focus on the course materials for a second. Here's everything you'll get with Dream Job:

The 4 Pillars of a smooth Career Leap

The 4 pillars combine the Career Coach strategies of direction, capability and visibility, with Life-Coach strategies for building courage, boundaries and so much more bliss. You're identifying your Direction, defining your Magnetic Brand, assembling a Stellar Resumé and Winning in Interview.

Bonus Done-For-You Templates & Tech

You'll find grab-and-go samples, templates and ready to use frameworks. You'll also find out trademarked tech tools that will save you countless angst and hours.

3 Unique Courage-Building Guided Meditations

Learn from a diversity of courage-builders for deep-seated, well-rounded solutions for a less fearful, more vibrant life.

Total Dream Job Value $1,400, plus your short-term promotions & pay-rises, and the exponential increase to your long-term wealth.

Investment Only $575 AUD

Get started with Dream Job now

Choose the plan that's right for you & take advantage of heavily discounted 1:1 Career Coaching.


$49 AUD

Career Coach, 1:1

Would you like to add Career Coaching to your program? Normally $450, you can purchase the 3 1:1 Career Mentor sessions now with Dream Job for just $100. You can always add this 1:1 Coaching Pack later, but not at this discounted price.

Order Summary
Dream Job Monthly


$575 AUD

Career Coach, 1:1

Would you like to add Career Coaching to your program? Normally $450, you can purchase the 3 1:1 Career Mentor sessions now with Dream Job for just $100. You can always add this 1:1 Coaching Pack later, but not at this discounted price.

Order Summary
Dream Job Self-Paced Course

Help us to end Domestic Violence Poverty.

When you buy a program, we'll gift a program.

Those who've experienced domestic violence often have a greater need for courage, but less financial means to access a program like this. So, whether you're doing our Leadership Program- Impact, or this one Dream Job, we'll gift a seat through our network, to a DV Survivor.


About your Dream Job Coach, Cath Nolan.

I know what it's like to be striving and successful in your job, but heavy with 'not-enoughness', pleading with the universe, 'isn't there more?'

My career breaking point led me to craft cut and paste impactful career navigation that's helped many thousands.

And later, my personal breaking point showed me the fight switch. How to turn it on, even in the worst of circumstances, to lead with heart and energy.

I would love for you to win too. I cannot wait for you to know you're totally on track and winning where it's most important to you.

Dream Job is led by Cath Nolan, Founder of Gender Gap Gone and the Don't be ARSD Movement®. With a global reputation as a womens leadership expert, her ASXTop 10, Fortune Top 50 client list has included Coca Cola, Toyota, Uber, Disney, Johnson & Johnson, numerous government departments and many more.

Having won Awards for Leadership and recipient of the prestigious Women Will Change the World, Catherine is a four-time #1 Best-Selling Author, regularly in discussion with celebrity women's advocates and leaders, on how we can see the Gender Gap Gone.

An ex-corporate girl with 20 years of coaching expertise and 3 young kids, life delivered Cath a knock so big it nearly ended her. Fighting back from that- with the kids in tow, delivered transformational insights and tools that thousands of clients have since implemented and loved too.

Her secret mission is doing the early ground work, to create future rich old ladies.


We've got A's for your Dream Job Q's

What if I start the program, then I get busy with other things?

No problem! Haven't we all been there?!

You have access to the program for as long as we're running it- at least 12 months' access in this format. Re-visit as many times as you like, as often as it suits.

Is this program only for women?

Definitely not. We work with everyone who wants to work! We have a passion for seeing the Gender Gap Gone, but over the years have tended to work with leaders. That's included a lot of men and gender non-specific people.

We work with individuals, not their labels.

You're giving away a course when I buy a course. Does that mean I'm paying double?

Ah-ah, no way, no ma'am. Nope. We've worked in this space for some years now. Our programs are super competitively priced. We can be super competitive AND still generous in gifting a seat for every seat sold, because of 2 things.

We're a Sustainable Enterprise. The Gender Gap is a wicked problem, and in some areas like domestic violence, it's only getting worse. We're prepared to forego some profit for the sake of our mission. The second reason, is our team is micro in numbers and huge in commitment. Our overheads are lower, so that the people who benefit most are the people taking our programs.

I've experienced Domestic Violence. How do I apply for a scholarship?

It's super simple. Most of our scholarships are given through our network partners, but not all. You can apply direct by emailing Kim or Cath will reply and let you know what we need to get you set up. We'll ask you two things.

What is it you're hoping to get from this program and how can we support you? And, we'll ask you to provide some evidence that this has been your experience - it could be a letter from a case worker, a Dr certificate or similar.

If you know someone else you believe is in this position and you think they might benefit, please reach out via email and let's see if we can support them together.

Will I work directly with Catherine?

If you order the 1:1 Career Coaching with Catherine, then sure! Otherwise, while it's possible, it's not likely you will work with Cath through this program as it's Self-Paced and DIY.

If you've not chosen 1:1 Career Coaching but later change your mind, get in touch. The $100 purchase is for package pricing only. Get in touch, we'll let you know how we can help.

What if I have another question not mentioned here?

Oh honey, please get in touch! We're passionate about helping you to get to where you want to be. If you have a question, we'd love to help.  

If you have a question, please reach out.


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