Evolve your leadership skills to elevate your IMPACT.

Rapidly grow visibility, income, balance & recognition- for yourself & those you lead

I'm sure you feel appreciated, maybe well respected, but this leadership gig can leave you... second-guessing yourself.


You love your work and you're great at it... but it can feel as though you're putting in 150% effort for a 70% result or reputation.

Right now, there is a revolution under way.

Women are the MOST sought after leaders.

Inclusive workplaces deliver the best results, so women are being given a shot with greater intensity than ever before.

But the real revolution is not simply more women in bigger jobs.


That's diversity. The real revolution is inclusion. Inclusion demands a new set of skills- skills that simply aren't picked up on the job, in a masculine-leadership-style environment.

Yes, even if you work mostly with women.


This is why inclusive leaders more than women leaders, are so very hot-right-how.


The real revolution is learning to harness your unique style and strengths and adapting to meet stakeholders where they're at. Regardless of your gender or theirs.

Heard, inspiring trust, memorable, impactful.


This demand for women in leadership doesn't guarantee an easy ride. Multiple forces mean women are working harder for the same result. Rather than getting better, that reality has gotten worse.

Here's why:

  1. The pressure to perform and increased scrutiny on women has never been higher. Many think women in leadership were promoted for their body parts not their expertise.
  2. You might still be carrying a 'pre-revolution' level of mental load. Taking on the bulk of the unpaid organising work, both at home and at work. Research is showing this has gotten worse since COVID. So you're juggling more than your male peers- doing longer hours, but with less in the bank.
  3. You may be still operating in a masculine culture - even if there's great corporate policies for equality. One where team building tasks sit outside of job descriptions and largely unpaid, or where competition is still king, so 'No' can feel like a career killer.
  4. Although your diversity may be welcome, your style may still be judged by historical, masculine standards.


To build trust and stellar results-without compromising your health or personal relationships, it's time to leverage your unique style and learn the skills of inclusive leadership.

Alia D'Silva

"Work's going really well. I was very sceptical of all this, but I took the steps you told me, and they had the exact impact you said they would! I've shifted so much!

Even my personal life has improved. I'm a lot calmer now, I'm investing my energy in the right things. I've worked out what works for me and for my stakeholders and I'm more comfortable saying now. I've always been vocal, but you helped me to word it better, to get a better result.

My stakeholders are quite excited, but it's helped me more than anyone else. all fo the answers with with me, you just helped me to find them."

Alia D'Silva, Business Operations Manager, HP

Impact. Kicking Off July 3rd

(Pre-Program Coaching last week June)


I'm so delighted you're interested in taking a smarter approach. 

Working harder is our default approach to intensity. And you're gloriously competent and endlessly committed. You've been an exceptional learner and you've applied and grown on the way.

Your interest in elevating your leadership skills, to create a more inclusive team, more sustainable business... this is incredibly self-serving of me, but it fits my mission of creating future rich old ladies. Because more-for-you is what opens up with the elevated impact that inclusive leaders have.


If we haven't met before, Im Cath Nolan.

I've spent the last 20 years helping people to adjust their language, to get a better result at work.

A whole human, I'm a business leader, Coach, speaker and mama, especially passionate about helping women. Because while the gender gap is real, the turnaround can be fast!

You already know, that if you saw yourself the way your bestie saw you, you'd be more confident.

If you had more confidence AND elevated skills... you're going to be unstoppable.

Can I share my story? 


I remember, I'd been working with leaders in mostly well-known businesses, to grow their leadership skills for over a decade, when I hit the roadblock that nearly ended me.

I remember this one day in particular, sitting at my desk staring out the window after an excruciating, aggressive phone call. The sun was streaming through the glass like a regular day, I could hear school kids playing in the playground next door... normal, only it felt like the world had shifted. I'd always been a high performer, but this day, the old strategies just weren't working. 


The motivational quotes were not motivating me. Pedicures were not de-stressing me. 


You see, when things had been going well for me I'd used the traditional, more masculine goal setting and personal growth patterns. They were great! I was successful.

But once it was really tested - and I was on this day... when I was stretched to the brink... then what used to work, didn't work anymore. I really struggled to get motivated, or even to know which steps to take next. The stress had changed and baffled me.

In this situation, the stress culminated in 4 years of living in hiding to escape domestic violence and complex PTSD. Brought to my knees financially, with absolutely crushed self-belief.

A lifetime ago.

There are many different reasons women need to rebuild self-confidence. Mine was domestic violence. Maybe yours was childhood trauma, a workplace bully or simply living in a world designed for mens success and women's nurturing. 


Opportunities for women have never been greater.

But our goals are more complex and the blockers that keep women from opting in and loving it, are also complex. Overcoming those barriers demands a deeper approach.


The whole-human, inclusive coaching you'll experience in Impact is not women-only. Others thrive with it too. Because it is personal. Because it's not one-size-fits all. It's inlcusive.



Because of my work and the women I've helped, since 2015 I've been asked to share the stage with icons of excellence in leadership, empowering women and... closing the gap. 

Icons like former Deputy Prime Minister Julie Bishop, Dual Olympian Nova Peris, ABC Broadcaster Leigh Sales, Australian of the Year Grace Tame, Chief Scientist Dr Cathy Foley and Silicon Valley MD Melissa Oh. 


I've won awards in London and in Sydney for my coaching and for my work in gender equality.

And I'm a four time national #1 bestselling author on courageous messaging. One of those books, a red-backed collaboration with 23 other inspiring Australian business women called Courage & Confidence, went all the way to the Oscars red carpet - in 2022 AND 2023!!

I'm a mum of 3 and at times have been one of the hidden homeless. In the 4 years we lived in hiding I continued building my coaching business. Because I believed in the work and in my clients, and because I had mouths to feed.

So I say this not only from my clients' experience, but because I learned it first hand. For women to achieve their goals, leadership strategies need to be whole-of-life friendly, and to overcome the layers of self-doubt and logistical barriers we juggle.

I've worked with incredible organisations, empowering women in leadership. 

I work with people who feel like square pegs in round holes... Do you see yourself here? 


  • You're the new boss! Or boss of a growing team. You're brilliant at what you do, but don't seem to have time for 'what you do', with all the people-management stuff.
  • The woman in a man's world. It could be the little things - like always being the one left to clean up after a team meeting... but they're regular things. Maybe there's more men where you work, or it could be the workplace has legacy masculine expectations. 
  • Perhaps you're the introvert in a team where noisy leaders get the most attention. Like the quietly confident but overlooked person in a bell-ringing, confetti popping sales team. Wanting to be recognised and respected, but feeling like you're not one of the popular kids.
  • A STEM genius / technical specialist wanting to connect with people who don't share your expertise. You want to get your ideas across the line, but end up putting in too many hours and not being appreciated for it. AND those hours might be keeping you from the higher level work you really want to do.
  • Appointed to create a change, but held back by your stakeholders' fear of change. Maybe you're all about equality and innovation - that's why they hired you! But when you're moving to execute your brilliant new plans, they're not speaking your language. 
  • Or maybe your team is a great fit, BUT YOU'VE OUTGROWN IT!! You can sense that you need something different, to move forward. Even if you're not sure what that is.
  • You're different to your stakeholders. Maybe you're a lawyer speaking with non-lawyerly types, an admin person coordinating trades, a HR person motivating academics- or maybe you come from a different cultural background or perspective. Your stakeholders seem to have a common language that you don't feel a part of.
  • You're selling your soul to get the job done. And you're done. Maybe you want to raise your profile at work, but it feels like you need to give up a piece of yourself to do that. Or you're in need of career-enhancing, life-enhancing boundaries, to keep going.

So just what is IMPACT? 



1. Operate in the Top 30% of your capabilities, not the top 30% of your physical effort. Using your smarts, not more blood sweat and tears. You're going to want some help to uncover your 'Top 30%' capabilities, or you'd already have been capitalising. There are 6 non-negotiable skills to nail.


2. Develop the essential Inclusive Leadership skills. Kind is not not ok - it undermines capability, ,stunts growth and gives you a reputation of too soft. Dictatorial is not ok - it kills trust, collaboration and psychological safety, and gets you an abrasive ball-breaker reputation.

There are 6 Essential Skills, to Reach Your Top 30% Sweet Spot. 


If you want to lead high performing teams, you need to be an inclusive leader. Most simply, inclusive leadership requires skill in how you craft your messaging with others. (With background foundational work, like EQ, cultural intelligence and business intelligence)

If you want to lead in a way that also works for you, that's down to the messages you tell yourself. Get this one right to avoid burnout. To contribute at 70% capacity and ramp it up when you need to (vs the 150% stretch, with a 70% result for most of the time)... this isn't just impactful, it's sustainable.

For all of that to hum harmoniously, you need to be strong in these 6 Essential Skills.


Because a strategic, disentangled vision inspires you and all who follow you.

POSSIBILITY encompasses hidden barriers, bias, vision and celebration. Plus the bigger picture pieces of emotional intelligence, cultural intelligence, gender equality, trauma sensitivity and business intelligence. From this informed base, the possibilities you dream up are not just stretch, but also strategic. No more reaching for a project nobody wants or connects with.

Oh and celebration? It's a lost art and you're about to revive it. Celebration is not just for the end of a project. Celebration is integral to fun along the way, to motivation and resilience.


Because how you SEE yourself determines your behaviours, and your behaviours create your future.

IDENTITY is both your leadership identity and your personal narrative. What are the stories you tell, about yourself? Identity covers self management skills, like self-awareness, perfectionism and mindset.

Master them for yourself, then you can help others too. Learning the complexity of identity builds your empathy for those who may not bring their whole selves to work.


Because adaptive communication creates teams that are greater than the sum of their parts.

Adaptive communication is the key to building thriving relationships with all your stakeholders. Through IMPACT, you're going to find a healthy home base on the authentic - professional paradigm. And learn to connect and engage individual humans, meeting people where they're at to bring them on a journey.

You'll map out your key relationships and over 5 weeks, you're going to adjust your interactions to next-level your outcomes.


Because eliminating distraction enables space and focus for your most important outcomes.

BOUNDARIES - either the lack of them of an ick feeling hen it comes to being tough with your boundaries, are a major de-railer for success of any kind. 

Through IMPACT you're going to build your decluttering muscles. Releasing fixed ideas and bias, letting go of judgement and fears. And learning to deal effectively with non-important/urgent tasks. (Low priority meetings, anyone??)


Because embracing the calculated discomfort of new learning, is the ultimate growth accelerator.

GROWTH should be really straightforward. You identify the skill, line up the learning and close the gap. But there are barriers to making knowledge real. IMPACT is delivered in a way that both brings new knowledge, and has you implementing and making it real. Way beyond a captivating lesson - you'll be building sustained growth, in the areas most relevant to your unique path.


Because supported commitment drives results.

ACCOUNTABILITY is your support and your stop-gap. Life is bizzzeeeeee! We know that the second you set off toward a goal, things are going to come up. Accountability is a multi-faceted skill you're going to grow with IMPACT.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Same goes for a woman's career! You're going to build commitment, assemble your village and learn to be specific with the help you need... and can give. Your Coach and crew are just part of this village- you're also going to grow your persistence.

6 Key Skills, Embedded Intensively Across 5 Immersive Weeks


Week One : Choose One Project

You're in the driver's seat, but I'm with you. If you're a chronic multitasker, this might be nerve-wrecking, but I've got you. Choosing just one focus area for transformation makes all the difference.

But you're a multi-faceted, competent human. You can do multiple things at once! Absolutely you can. But you can't do them brilliantly all-at-the-same-time. We're going for good enough on most areas and brilliant in one gap closed.


Possibility (EQ, vision, business intelligence and cultural awareness); Accountability and Relationships.

In this module:

  • Choose the one project where you're going to apply focus, for the program
  • Map out your stakeholders with their strengths barriers and needs, along with your own, to decide your plan for growth
  • I'm going to help you get specific- and to work out what to do about the other priorities that you're possibly currently freaking out about, now you've heard you're narrowing your focus :)

Week Two: Declutter

Energetically and logistically, learning to declutter is vital if you're to have room for more of what you want.


Boundaries, Identity and Accountability.

In this module:

  • Obtain the secret key to physical decluttering.
  • Become confident in pushing back! With scripts to fit your unique style, pushing back will feel more comfortable and land how you need it to. Saying no does not need to be a career-limiting move.
  • Learn how to deal with the things you're pushing back on. From the person to the professional- identify the alternatives to doing it all and how you can say no without having to carry a mental burden from saying no.
  • Come through this week with space for more 'yes', more time to spend where it's more valuable to you.

Week Three: Ignite Action 

Traditional goal-setting is underpinned by masculine values of competition and single-minded focus. Ironic, since Week 1 was all about choosing one, right? The feminine shift is recognising the mental and logistical work needed, to give yourself permission to focus on the one. The masculine approach is to assume that simply choosing one is enough to motivate you. 

Friend, you are multi-capable, multi-passionate with many diverse responsibilities. And so are your stakeholders.

When it comes to taking the right actions for rapid, tangible success, you need a fresh approach. 


Possibility (EQ, CQ, vision) Relationships,  (adaptive communication, EQ) Identity, Boundaries and Growth.

In this module you'll discover

  • The very foundation for being heard. A sneaky heads-up, it's hearing where others are coming from. Learn to un-stereotype.
  • Ignite your own actions with deepened self awareness. Discover the must-avoid goal-setting strategy, if you want to embrace both your authenticity and sustainable results.
  • Work with neuroplasticity to rewrite the self-stories that limit you, creating a stronger, more enjoyable and productive identity to feed your goals.
  • Use the strategy thousands of clients have used to transform teams from meh to enthusiastic and committed.

Week 4: Deepen Relationships

Relationships are all about communication, right? How well you understand each other, how well you listen, can be heard, can move along a journey together.  

This week you'll learn the foundations of adaptive communication, impactful presentations, stakeholder buy-in and coaching.


Relationships, Boundaries, Possibilities, Identity and Growth.

In this module 

  • Build on your 'Un-stereotyping' awareness, meeting people where they're at to inspire and lead from there.
  • Dive deep into the anatomy of adaptive communication.
  • Implement what you've learned about your stakeholder group to both transform key relationships and embed your own learning.
  • Exercise boundaries in a way that adds mutual value.
  • Expand your reputation where it counts, to ensure that your 'service' also serves you.

Week 5: The Celebration Accelerator

Women are known to not see where they're brilliant. We naturally downplay, we brush off compliments, avoid the spotlight.

Using my trademarked Capability Matrix & the core theme of my national #1 Bestselling book, The Did Great Habit, you're going to set a new trajectory. One where you'll be able to recognise your brilliance, to know your worth and - only then, youll be able to truly gain the leverage that takes you from spinning your wheels with max effort but 70% output, transforming to the woman who applies her Super Strengths. From hard work to super strengths. 


Relationships, Identity, Possibility and Growth.

In this module 

  • Discover the pre-revolution skill we've lost in our busy-ness, and why you'll never again skip it.
  • Build deep and sustainable personal and team resilience (no team-buildign budget required)
  • The strategy you MUST use to ensure the skills you're working so hard to build, are ones that will serve your goals, not just your lack of confidence.
  • Build an enthusiastic, committed team.

This is not a static lecture & assessment situation

Each week, there are lessons to watch- but that's far from the sum of it. 

With 1:1 Coaching integrated throughout the program, the transformation here is intense because it's an immersive experience. You're doing things differently, applying new skills as you grow, unlocking barriers and finding your new norm.

If you're holding your breath, wondering if you have the level of leadership training, to benefit from Impact, I've got you.

I'm including a series of bonuses I think you'll love. That's coming up...

Sonia George

Extremely well structure. Absolutely loved it. Thank you.

Snr Business Analyst, RMS

Chahida Bakkour

Took so much away. Highly recommend.

Head of Airspace Platform, Airservices Australia

Elyse Peisley

"Catherine is a wonderful, inspirational, knowledgable coach & really grabbed us into the depth of possibilities. Thanks Catherine!"

Manager, Transport NSW

First, why is this kind of learning so transformative?

As a leading woman, you've probably taken a course or two to increase your skills. You've likely had a mentor give you advice on which path to take. You've listened to podcasts and read books on self development.

You can see where your skills have grown and you can tell me which gaps you still need to close.

But how can you be sure that the gaps you want to close are a nice-to-have, to ease your self-doubt, or if they'll actually be career-growing capabilities, worthy of the time investment?

And there's been a time or two that you've signed up for a course and then the wheels fell off in another area of your work life, so you had to park the learning journey.

Why will this be different?

Because of the coaching container and implementation. When women follow typical leadership advice, progress can be slow and ego-crushing. 

IMPACT is not a one size fits all program.

It begins with a premise of trust, expectation & support, through the unique 1:1 Coaching container and the Don't be ARSD Inclusive Coaching Model®.

The gaps you close here are the ones to reach your goals, with your unique talents.


These Support & Resource Bonuses Will Help You Hit Momentum Fast, No Matter Where You Are On Your Leadership Journey.

Bonus #1
1:1 Coaching. 

You should know I'm here to support you and get you where you want to be- so I'll be direct with you. 1:1 Coaching sessions are the ultimate accelerator. 

It's a whole-human, inclusive approach that's going to get you out of your head and into taking the right next actions, for where you want to be.

We're doing a 1:1 Coach Session at the start, in the middle and at the end of the program.  

Value $1500

Bonus #2
Leadership Communication Masterclass Suite. 

I've supported women in leadership across most industries, both private and public sector. These are the communication masterclasses- from the background, to the scripts. You'll learn to deliver a stellar presentation, pitch for more budget and work through a difficult conversation.

You're going to pick up skills for adjusting your messaging to recruit a diverse team, and the scripts to On-Board them in a way they hit the ground running and glide right into the team- right through to performance management conversations to keep them engaged and growing. 

Value $549

Bonus #3
Support & Accountability Crew 

Weekly call for learning and accountability, with a chat group for offline support. Build your network and your confidence.

Value $249

Bonus #4

Access my International Women's Day Masterclass, to hear the latest research - what are the numbers and what's behind them. Also learn what you can do, to help see the gender gap gone.

Value $249

Bonus #5
Quietly Powerful with Megumi Miki. 


Culturally, in Australia we celebrate fast action and loud voices. But is that bias causing bad decisions and relationship damage? Here we look closer at inner quiet & why you need to nurture yours.

Megumi is quiet by preference and mighty in impact. With a career that includes consulting and now award-winning author of Quietly Powerful, this masterclass is not to be missed. Discover the need for all types to tap into the benefits of being quietly powerful.

Value $249


Bonus #6
GLOW On Video with Mel Hird 

Oh honey this is HUGE! You know how professional photographers seem to make you look waaay better than you might see yourself? 

Video is expected in leadership - but most women are terrified of it. So I asked my friend, the Doyenne of Corporate Video, Mel Hird, to create this 3-Part Mini Masterclass with me - for you.

Mel's zone of genius is helping people who don't think they're engaging, to glow. From saging under the weight of camera glare, to feeling great about the tech tricks and themselves.

In this 3-Part Mini-Course, Melinda unpacks:

Educate, Entertain or Inspire
Learn the ins and outs of presenting as a Pro in person and on video

Everyday Video
How to show up easily on camera to engage remote teams - and how to repurpose this content in meaningful ways.

Nail the Tech
Gain expert insight on the basic tech you need and how to best put it to use, to give you the best result.

Value $649


Total Value $5442 -
Cost $3247
Kick Off July 3rd

Pre-Program Coaching begins late June.




IMPACT is a celebration of women in leadership.

Kate Musonda

"I feel excited and recharged about what comes next. Thank you for the impact you had on me!

You enabled me to identify what's most important to me, and to incorporate that into my everyday."

Kate Musonda, Asahi

Impact is a revolutionary way of coaching, designed to overcome the HIDDEN BARRIERS that are masking your top talents and leaving you frustrated. 

Grow capability and courage to be more visible, access support and celebrate success in an authentic way

With IMPACT, your elevated internal and external messaging - and your new prowess with effective boundaries, are going to  transform your relationships and your results.

Todays' women were raised with permission to lead, but deep expectations we'd never stop nurturing. IMPACT is your chance to blend both. With boundaries!

See You In Class- Cath.