Courage needs encouragement!

Rapunzel, you've made it to the balcony. Throw down your hair and bring a friend. You know the fairytale. Witches lose their power when you bring a friend to the party!

Empower someone else's leadership journey, along with your own. Because COURAGE NEEDS ENCOURAGEMENT! Together: everyone wins.



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Signature Talks

Live and in-person events are my FAVE way to bring people to their next. Most in-demand topics right now, (each linked to one of my #1 bestselling books) include

* Don't be ARSD® (Learn why you self-doubt and learn to master courage instead)

* Inclusive Leadership- resonate at a higher level with culture-lifting tools and tech to build better team habits (healthier, more resilient teams with higher overall EQ).

* The Self-Care Alternative - Self-care is often low priority for high-performers and big-hearted professionals! Connect with purpose and learn magnetic habits for raising your personal and team health and energy.

* Lost for Words? - In this Communication Masterclass, you'll uncover your stories, learn which stories to draw on when, how to say more and when to keep quiet for max impact.


Lunch & Learn, Key Note or MC

"Motivating & inspiring" - Kate Wilkinson, Dept of Innovation.

Before we talk format and freebies, let's check you're on a path with best ROI. Because truly, we can organise the MOST inspiring Key Note ever, with the topic that speaks to your SOUL!! ... but for it to be worthwhile, it's GOT be outcome focused. Let's start with your audience.

Quick quiz. Are your people mostly

  • Dusty, end-of-a-marathon-battered
  • Fighting like a bag of cats
  • Divine high-performers deserving of praise & thanks

And where are they located?

  • All in one location
  • Spread globally

And finally, which of these best fits your goal?

  • Inspiring WELLNESS, self-leadership, resilience, courage and career growth. Self-appreciation, personal impact, communication and EQ feature heavily here.


  • Inspiring leaders, arming them with the tools to lead high-performing, cohesive, emotionally intelligent and inclusive teams.

We all absorb new knowledge differently. So when you're working with us, these are some of the bells and whistles you might choose.

Let's chat about which options will best inspire your peeps.

Catherine's Signature Key Notes Echo Her #1 Best-Selling Books

Download the Speaker Brochure PDF to get specific, or book a chat and let's discuss your event.

"A great motivating and inspiring event which gave numerous skills to develop me personally and techniques for my team.

Fantastic from a professional and personal perspective. It has given a number of tools to utilise and enhance my leadership style."

- Kate Wilkinson, Dept Innovation

"Cath is an engaging and likeable presenter. It was an honour to hear her speak. I would highly recommend this course."

- Lisa Powell, DFSI

"Cath was very engaging & inspiring to listen to. Very worthwhile for all leadership. I think it's relevant for all team leaders"

- Sharron Bailey, Human Services

Read Cath's Amazon #1 Bestselling Books

Don't be ARSD®

Shift from confidence-compromised imposter, to impactful leader of people and ideas. Learning to overcome self-doubt, life is more connected, rewarding and impactful.

Learn your unique brilliance, what you should be saying no to and other confidence - building, career-advancing communication strategies for a more focused, more inspired and more inspiring you.

The Did Great Habit

A guided journal, The Did Great Habit will have you asking the right questions to validate your best qualities and transforming your outlook.

See dramatic improvement in your emotional intelligence, resilience and your relationships- but most importantly, live happier, by lots.

Lost For Words?

You won't be. Crafting your stories into inspiring, engaging conversation is the easy part. But if you don't think your stories have value, it can feel like you're stuffed.

Catherine teaches you to transform your mundane stories into on-message gold with cookie-cutter simplicity. And adds tech to help you tap into those stories in an instant, so you're never again Lost For Words.

How Is Learning Elevated from 'Wow' to Entrenched Change?

With Habit tracking, Masterclasses on-demand, audio MP3s, Workbooks and even Leaderboards.

The modules your team will access are tailored to support your Key Note or Workshop topic. Building courageous career habits, EQ, wellness, inclusion and leadership capabilities.


In-House Career Coach

Do you have any chameleon managers in your team?

You'd be forgiven for not realising it, since- well since they blend in! This is the leader who says all the right things up the line, but their team is one bad day away from quitting.

These team members are often the ones putting in 150% effort, to produce 80% results. Part of the vast cohort at risk of the Great Resignation, but with a different leader these same peeps could be your high-performers.

The chameleon might not be a toxic leader, just unsure of how to inspire and engage.

When our Career Coach sits in your business for a day (face to face or virtually), team members have a chance to strategise via 30 minute, 1:1 sessions. Your silently frustrated high performer is reassured the grass isn't greener on the other side of the fence. They're awakened to internal networks and opportunities to grow within their current circumstances. Without a drain on HR or team leaders. Being external and confidential, there's perceived safety, but the whole process is sympathetic to the business' objectives.

The feedback is resoundingly phenomenal. Employees love it, businesses love to benefit from it.

$2,900 PER DAY

You're helping eradicate Domestic Violence Poverty

When you buy a program, we gift a program- through our network of frontline advocates, to those most in need.