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Don't be ARSD®

      The Confidence Podcast 


Speak on stage to 1000 people? Jump out of a plane? I'm totally down for that! But actually believe in myself? That I'm worthy of praise or accolades? Nu-uh. Unnatural. That's courage vs. confidence.

CONFIDENCE is harder to come by- especially if you're wired for self-improvement.

Your instagrammable resumé story is one thing. But how can we shift the dial on inner confidence, to unlock motivation & get results without the battle over self-doubt?

ARSD® is a cheeky acronym - it means At Risk of Self Doubt.

Don't be ARSD® is the Confidence Podcast, showing you how to stop doubting yourself!

I don't have it nailed all the time just yet, but through 20 years of coaching & a personal story dotted with motherhood, DV & homelessness, I've learned more than my share of stellar tricks on the way. And I've surrounded myself with others who've done the same.

I've been privledged to interview an abundance of high profile success story stars in big-ticket price events. 

But I think COURAGE should be accessible to everyone - no ticket price required. So Don't be ARSD The Confidence Podcast® was born.

I'm bringing my fave peeps and my coaching insights, to inspire and teach... how you too can turn up your inner confidence - & ultimately make the courageous less intimidating, less effort!

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