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See What You're Worth

Step past your self-doubts and pull back the curtain on your HIDDEN strengths. You're going to tackle the burgeoning list of ALL that you value, to get to what's most important. That's how we're going to make sure that you are on-message. Whether on the job, on your resumé or in interview, you'll be more confident in your competence and happy to share it.

Step Into Your Worth

When you truly understand the value you bring, you're going to walk taller, comfortable sharing what you do with those who can impact your next move.

On the job, you'll perform better because you'll be better able to apply your most important resource - yourself! How powerful is that going to be, in salary negotiations... and interview?

Get Paid What You're Worth

You'll only get paid what you ask for.

Through Interview Queen, you'll learn the targeted research to prove your case, and a framework for asking... you'll be IN that small growing group of women who DO get the pay & conditions they want.

And when your Dream Job presents- goodbye interview anxiety. Hello Nailing It!

Interview Queen

$399 $59

  • Module 1 - Uncover your Next Move
  • Module 2 - Present Your Brand With Confidence
  • Module 3 - Learn the Resumé Secrets from over 100 Hiring Managers
  • Module 4 - Nail Your Interviews with the Revolutionary Preparation Planner
  • Bonus 1 - Salary Negotiation Demystified
  • Bonus 2 - Maximise your LinkedIn Profile

Fabulous & well worth it. Cath was fabulous! 

Jo Withford
Civil Engineer & Project Mgr, Roads & Maritime Authority

Took so much away. Highly recommend! 

Chahida Bakkour
Head of Airspace Platform,
Air Services Australia

One of the best,
most inspiring!

Flavia Pinto
Project Officer,
eHealth NSW

Meet Your Coach

Hey, I'm Cath!

A Sydney girl obsessed with creating future rich old ladies. I've helped over 6000 people to get their next pay rise & I'm excited to help you get there too. Stellar interview prep is key.

You might be too polite to demand more - or even to see that you deserve better!If only you had the confidence of the super young or the ready-to-retire :)

No need. I'm a People's Choice Award-Winning Coach, a 4 time #1 bestselling author, shared the stage with some of Australia's most prominent female leaders and I've had the honour of partnering with HP, Uber, Coca Cola, Toyota, Defence, Sydney Uni, J&J, all levels of government... incredibly, the list is way longer than this incredibly long sentence! I've been doing this a while :)

I'm also mama to 3 (eek they're all in double digits now!) so I know that ideas for change have got to be simple, or they's stay on your to-do list- for-eeeevvvvaaaa! I got you. 

The right, simple actions create a massive result. When you find them, everything shifts. Interview Queen is one of those shifts.


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Paying It Forward

We're a social enterprise. That means we exist to do good -yes I'm referring to my obsession for creating future rich old ladies!

When you purchase Interview Queen and set yourself up, you're also helping a woman who can't afford the program but who desperately deserves it. Women in refuges and support programs across Australia.

So together, we're gifting Interview Queen programs to women escaping violence and financial hardship.

Interview Queen

You are one interview away from eradicating your own gender gap.

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 Why Just $59?

I have a deeply ingrained passion to see the gender gap gone. I know that great interview skills are the FASTEST way to get a girl into a higher pay bracket. So while I also have mouths to feed... I want to get this program into the hands of as maaaaany women as possible. 

Grab Interview Queen now for just $59, and once you apply what I'm showing you, you'll always have the skills to sit at the top of your income bracket. That would be the pay bracket higher than the one you think you deserve.

Not by gaining more qualifications or more years on the job. Not because of who you know, or becoming someone you don't recognise. Just stellar interview skills - knowing how to present yourself in the best way, for that pay rise or dream job.