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      EPISODE  10 Mel Schilling- Can You Keep your Confidence AND A Toxic Relationship?

You probably know Mel for her relationship Coach expertise in the tv series, Married at First Sight, UK and Australia. Before the world of TV, Mel and I worked together in the corporate world. Then she was part of the global nomad movement, Coaching from Bali with her beautiful new family, before manifesting her way confidently into celebrity coaching on tv.

Her new book, The C Word is out now. You'll find the links below to get your copy.

So I wanted to tap into her opinion on a big, contentious, HIGHLY EMOTIONAL challenge I'm often asked about. 

Mel really, is it possible to keep the toxic boss (OR partner), AND retain your self-belief?

Whether you have a toxic someone or you're 'asking for a friend', Mel's advice is grounded & insightful.

Listen in, friend!

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