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      EPISODE 14 Secrets of a Professional Organiser, with Amy Kennedy

Amy gives off the air of the swan on water... I really don't think there's aaaaaaany chaotic duck paddling going on below the surface. Amy is through-and-through calm-organised, and she spends her days helping other people to reach that same harmonious bliss. 

Listen in, I just know you'll love Amy as much as I do. 

You can find Amy's #1 bestselling book, Goodbye Busy Hello Happy (SO SO SO GOOD!!!), on her website and on Amazon.

Truly, can I just harp on about this book for a bit? Goodbye Busy Hello Happy is a collection of wisdom and advice, from 25 Australian Women in Business. 

Based on the cover alone it's bedside-table worthy... but I have to confess, I get a little fan-girly in this interview, as I read out some of Amy's words from the book. Goodbye Busy Hello Happy didn't just collect dust on my bedside table for months, it's one of those rare books you just can't help opening on the regular. In my copy, Amy's chapter is filled with scribble notes and aha moments. I hope you get a copy for yourself.

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