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      EPISODE 5 The Transformations in Micro Habits

 Can I tell you a story?

The summer I turned 16, we swapped for a White-Christmas Winter with my grandmother in England. One icy Sunday morning while Mum, my brother and I were getting rugged up for church, my dad plugged one of those tiny electric fan heaters, into a long extension lead. It was running from the power socket int the kitchen, through a tiny opening in the window, out to the car in front of the house. The heater was wedged in a pothole under the motor, defrosting the engine so the car would start and we could drive to church.


My cousin was home, not long in from a big night out. As we all walked down the stairs in our coats to head out the door, he was coming down the stairs for tea - he got caught up in the crowd, followed us out to the car and ended up at church with us. That was the first and last time Colin ever went to church.

If you've ever found yourself doing something on autopilot, maybe said yes when you should have said no, or frustrated that you're too busy to get the important stuff done, then this episode - looking at your habits, could give you some great wins.


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